Dear Affiliate Marketers & Entrepreneurs,

Do you have a client list, blog, forum, e-zine, or online newsletter?

Do you run Pay-Per-Click campaigns or other affiliate marketing programs?

Are your readers or subscribers interested in finding out how to permanently burn fat and build lean muscle, strength, and cardiovascular health in just minutes per week with no cardio, drugs, or fad diets?
Whether you're an experienced online affiliate marketer, fitness entrepreneur, or just want to make some extra money to supplement your existing income, the German Fat Burning Furnace top affiliate program (through Clickbank) provides high quality and well respected digital products that you can be proud to promote and offer to your readers or subscribers.

With high commission and conversion rates, continuous testimonials that pour in, super low refund rates, and turn-key affiliate tools, earning an extra stream of income has never been easier.

It's one of the best free online affiliate programs and affiliate marketing eBooks available in the german market...

Here's PROOF!

In order to prove to you that the German Fat Burning Furnace converts, and converts very well, I'm going to show you something most publishers (Clickbank or not) don't have the guts to show...

...here's a screenshot of the German Fat Burning Furnace publisher account in Clickbank over a few days in December of 2009, showing the top 5 affiliate sales. This is just one snapshot during a typical few days...sales are nearly double this in a hot month like January (with New Year's resolutions running rampant!). I don`t show the affiliate names (to protect the innocent!)...

Important points to note from the above screenshot:

1. The dollars earned by affiliates is actually 3 times what is shown here, as they made 75%...you're only seeing the 25% that we made. So the actual payouts during this period were:

Partner # 4 made $3.112,11
Partner # 3 made $4.474,56
Partner # 2 made $5.792,43
I myself made   $20.719,86
Partner # 1 made $195.670,05

2. We have dozens more affiliates (below those shown in the screenshot) that did between 10 and 30 sales during this same period.

3. Look at the nice HIGH conversion rates...

The Traffic of Partner # 4 converted at 3,30%
The Traffic of Partner # 3 converted at 3,22%
The Traffic of Partner # 2 converted at 0,68%
My traffic converted at           0,50%
The Traffic of Partner # 1 converted at 0,30%

Note: Most of this affiliate traffic was from the affiliates mailing their own lists periodically. "Blind" or "Cold" traffic from Pay Per Click or other traffic generation methods typically yield much lower conversion rates for any mass market product such as German FBF (in the massive fat loss/weight loss market).

4. Look at the nice LOW refund rates...

Partner # 4 had a refund rate of        9,63%
Partner # 3 had a refund rate of        6,27%
Partner # 2 had a refund rate of        6,96%
I had a refund rate of                4,78%
Partner # 1 had a refund rate of          8,70%

Why are the refund rates so low? Simple: German FBF is a fantastic product. We're not selling somebody a bill of goods and not delivering...German FBF WORKS!

ACHTUNG: Many product publishers will claim high conversions like those shown above from blind or cold traffic. Here's the TRUTH. If the product is in a market that is decently sized, this is a flat out lie!

Best case conversion rates in most good converting mass market type products like German FBF from blind or cold traffic is in the 0.3-0.5 percent range. Any one who tells you different either doesn't know or is flat out lying through their teeth. Still at these rates, you can double your money or more with German FBF running PPC campaigns as several of our affiliates are doing. (The key is properly generating cheap traffic, which I teach you about once you sign up for our affiliate newsletter).

Alright, hopefully the info and screenshot above have motivated you and shown you how you can regularly produce hundreds of sales a month of German FBF (and the 75% commissions that go with it) for your yourself.

Here's How To Get Started...

Our FREE online affiliate program (through Clickbank) is an internet based referral system where, once you register, you can promote our products like the German Fat Burning Furnace digital system to your readers and/or subscribers via a unique affiliate link.  

That unique link forwards them to our website, and when they make a purchase, you receive commissions on that sale.

Send us an eMail and you'll be a fully authorized German Fat Burning Furnace affiliate and will be able to promote our popular products (like the German Fat Burning Furnace system) to your readers, subscribers, as well as through pay per click affiliate program advertising (PPC).  
You'll also get access to our top affiliate tools, lessons, tricks and special promotions that make earning commissions even easier.

Just drop us a line and we`ll talk about how to get started. 

If you're new to affiliate marketing or don't have much time on your hands, don't worry. You'll also receive access to our marketing tips and promotional tools that you can simply cut and paste for easy marketing of the German Fat Burning Furnace ebook and system from day one.

If you are already a Clickbank member, you can start promoting the German Fat Burning Furnace system immediately with your existing affiliate account name. However, we strongly suggest that you sign-up below to receive the marketing tools and advanced notice of upcoming promotions, which mean more sales and more commissions for you!

You'll receive an email with a welcome message that tells you exactly how to set up your unique ebook affiliate link and how to start earning affiliate commissions right away.

If you don't receive these e-mails, that probably means a spam filter is in place, so please us to your whitelist, and send me an e-mail to 'sven.platte (at) fettverbrennen (dot net)' (replace (at) mit @ und (dot net) mit .net). with your name and the e-mail you used on the form below and let me know you didn't receive a welcome e-mail so I can make sure you get a copy.

One last thing, if you're an experienced affiliate marketer with a large opt-in list, please contact me at the email listed above so we can discuss some of our more advanced marketing strategies for the German Fat Burning Furnace eBook and deluxe system.

To our success,

Robert Paulus

P.S. Please do note that you must not make statements in your campaigns that cannot be backed up and you are not allowed to duplicate the content of our site or display the site on a different domain with or without the use of a frame.

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